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Open Letter to Berjaya Times Square Management and Developer: Michael Zsolt Moricz - Part 4

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Open Letter to Berjaya Times Square Management and Developer: Michael Zsolt Moricz - Part 4 Empty Open Letter to Berjaya Times Square Management and Developer: Michael Zsolt Moricz - Part 4

Post  kok_kik Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:24 pm

A) Berjaya Times Square Sdn Bhd (Developer) should be responsible for the audited accounts for the period from the Year 2003 to 15th August 2008
1) I wish to request for the audited Statements of Accounts for the years 2003 to 15th August 2008 for my verifications and record.
2) The actual amount collected in the respect of the total income and the total expenditure tabulated in detailed for the above stated period.
3) The break down details of all the monies, incomes, and rents received for the same period in respected of each of the following items:
a) Office Rents collected from BTS for occupying and using the 2nd plot of land as BTS's office over the five (5) years,
b) Car Park charges for the 4500 car parks
c) Advertising Charges on common walls and spaces paid by the Advertisers
d) Rental of Main Entrances, Lobbies, Concourse Areas and Common spaces to events organizers and promoters
e) Rents collected from the rental of Common Properties especially from the JoJoBa Spa operators for occupying our Gymnasium area and common properties and the business centre offices
f) Fees collected from the Public for selling membership to the general public to use our swimming pool, squash courts, steam, sauna and other amenities as per BTS printed brochures,
g) For more details on the accounts and accountability, please refer to the various complaints officially lodged with BTS and the JMB in their Briefts submitted to BTS and JMB during the 1st JMB Meeting on the 15th August, 2008.

4) Please confirm whether all the above monies received for and on behalf of all the owners and investors of this Berjaya Times Square Strata Title Building which rightfully belonging to all the Owners jointly and collectively has been deposited into the Building Maintenance Account in compliance with Section 18 of the Building and Common Property (Maintenance & Management) Act 2007.

5) If all the monies had been banked in, please let me have the folllowing:
a) The Name of the Account Holder.
b) Name of the Bank
c) The accounts Number

6) As i understand, until to date and it is more than 5 years, the Building maintenance account of this Strata Title Building has still not been finalized and audited by an independent professional auditor. M/S Ernst & Young is international and reputable but they are not independently appointed by Property owners or with consent from all the property owners. Please take note.


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